Open Source Billing Software Billing for Every Business

Open Source Billing Software Billing for Every Business

JBilling is the only open source billing software with enterprise features, robust architecture and professional support. It is also free to download and use as you wish. Businesses of all sizesĀ  from small to large scale companies can benefit from the robust architecture, versatility, scalability, flexibility and the professional support when needed.

JBilling has been serving several thousands of businesses of all sizes from all parts of the world, generating invoices, processing payments and automating accounting. Big enterprises use JBilling software mainly because of the control and flexibility it provides. They also gain considerable financial gains as a result of using open source, instead of proprietary systems.

JBilling software is the open source billing software, easily customizable to the needs of a very small business to large enterprise. The best part is, the IT department can take full control of the billing software system. The customization goes far beyond rearranging the GUI elements and into actually programming the software to meet your specific needs.

Excellent Business Rules Management System

JBilling can serve a small business that has a few hundred customers to large enterprise that has business spread across the country and internationally with several millions of customers. JBilling sees to it that business users can utilize what they need, while not worrying about extra features. Start up companies to large corporations, there is a software that can provide invoicing support.

Simple to complex billing requirements, enterprises can customise the billing rules according to the exact business requirements. The business rules management system allows you to add or change business rules as you go.

Billing software of all kinds will need extreme flexibility. The billing requirements can be different to different industries. The same billing standards may not work in two industries. Companies within the same industry can have different billing styles. The billing software needs to accommodate this need. That is, the billing software should be easily customisable to the exact needs of the business. The business rules show almost an infinite variety and it is difficult to find a billing software that can easily accommodate all those requirements.

The Key Advantages of jBilling

Optaros, a consulting and systems integration company focusing on open source products has jBilling as the only billing software in its catalogue. Similarly, it is the most active open source billing software at, where 100,000 open source projects are listed. The growing number of downloads every day signals its growing popularity among entrepreneurs round the world. Active forums, professional support and frequent updates also are notable features about jBilling.

The most important thing is, jBilling is distributed throughout the world and expert volunteers work on this software to improve it every day. The pooling of IT talents from around the world is something you can always count on. This ensures high levels of security too, as any security bug will be fixed the minute it is discovered.

jBilling is the only software that offers freedom, flexibility and security like nothing else in the billing sector. It has all the elements within it to gain considerable advantage in the niche market of billing software.