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International Off Shore Merchant Accounts

International Off Shore Merchant Accounts

You can accept all major credit cards.

Expand Your Sales to the World! Are you a business located outside the United States? A US company expanding into the vast opportunities in the world? Or simply a US company that simply wants to diversify accounts offshore to minimize risk? If so, an international merchant account is the perfect solution to your processing needs.

Many businesses need to process through an offshore merchant provider because their business is considered high risk, or American processing banks will not provide to certain business types. Adult service websites, although carrying some of the largest profit potential, are not able to process through American processing companies, and must use offshore providers. Non-American businesses have the option of processing through a local bank, or an offshore provider. Many times the offshore provider will cost less than a local bank. All travel related and advanced booking businesses are unable to process through US companies due to very high chargeback potential.

In addition to our offshore company formation services, we also offer complete Offshore Ecommerce Services. We specialise in offshore merchant account services for Casinos, Sports Books, Lottos and all gaming related web sites. In addition, we also offer various merchant account solutions for other high-volume, high-risk businesses such as Travel, Telemarketing, etc. For more information on our offshore merchant account services please go to our Offshore Merchant Accounts web site. We are sure that we can help your business with their specific merchant account needs with one of our varied offshore merchant account solutions.

Accounts are established with some of the oldest, largest, and financially dominant banks in the world. Your merchant account funds are safe, secure and well protected. This means that you can take advantage of all the benefits of having your business operate offshore. This helps to limit tax liability in addition to protection under local laws.

Ecommerce merchant account & credit card processing for merchants operating high-risk business. We offer you the best online merchant account availible! Since we specialize in merchant card accounts, we are able to offer the same high quality service to all of our customers without regard to their business.