Merchant Accounts Provider Options

Merchant Accounts Provider Options

Get the proper support system in place that’s necessary for your business to thrive with the right merchant service provider. Finding the right terminals, processing online or phone payments, handling customer data, and encouraging customer loyalty can be a big job. Seek out the help you need with a provider that offers reasonable rates and a great support staff to guide you every step of the way.

Taking Card-less Payments

Some industries have customers who frequently pay without their credit card actually being present. This can take the form of mail or phone payments, as often accommodated by trades like: catering, florist and catalog companies. Card-less transactions have a higher risk factor and therefore require more information, such as the security code on the back of credit cards.

When accepting phone or mail payment, you can choose to utilize a terminal with manual entry, or go with software that runs on your PC. Be sure to evaluate all of your options before making a decision.

One of the most common forms of card-less transactions can be found in the online marketplace. Your processing provider should have a reliable connection and the ability to verify payments on the spot. Never underestimate the value of a good help desk that will be your lifeline when your equipment hits a glitch and is available 24/7. With security scans and fraud detection tools, your merchant services should be PCI compliant with regular updates. Bringing your business online is a great way to expand your customer base and provide more flexibility in your transactions.

Obtaining Repeat Customers

Encourage customers to come back for more with tantalizing programs that will keep them coming through the door. E-newsletters, coupons, reward discounts and other loyalty programs will generate interest and keep your brand in the top of consumers’ minds. A loyalty card will provide your establishment with vital information, like customer purchase data and consumer patterns that you can make the most of. A rewards program will give customers another reason to visit your place of business and will raise you up from the competition.

Another option that will keep consumers coming through that door is providing gift cards. The brilliant thing about gift cards is that they act as a cash advance to your company-one which you may never have to pay back! Many gift cards are never used, giving you that money for free with no strings attached. And the cards that are used go through a credit card processing terminal so that you can track their progress and form useful data. Since many customers spend beyond what is available on their card, it is a genius method for drawing in more sales and raising profits.

Merchant Accounts Provider – Refining In-store Transactions

Transactions conducted in person are always important because they connect a face and a personal encounter to your business for the customer. Make the right impression with fast credit card processing terminals that are up to the task. Simplified, ATM-style interface that’s easy to understand will cut down on the number of mistakes made by both customers and cashiers, so that you can expect a smooth, streamlined process. Touchless models are perfect for industries with customers on the go, like gas stations, while wireless terminals are well-suited for salesmen and deliveries. An easy to operate printer is an important part of the equation, so be sure to select one that is easy to refill in no time at all.

Is your customer paying by check? Don’t let that slow you down! You can be prepared with an imager that converts checks into electronic documents so that you can treat them like credit cards. This guarantees payment through instant approval while reducing the hassle and time wasted with deposits.