Merchant Accounts: Accepting Payments Online

Merchant Accounts: Accepting Payments Online

Online payments are such a great convenience for any home-based business both for the merchant but more critically for the customer. In fact, it has become a necessity if one wants to satisfy a potential buyer by offering the full benefit of the Internet. It’s important for a merchant to remember that having a good website isn’t enough. There must be a portion of that site where a customer is able to pay with a credit card. Otherwise, potential sales could be lost to click throughs as the would’ve-been-customers move to the next site that accepts credit cards.

It is a fact that most online shoppers, if not all, want to be able to finish their purchase transactions at once. If the shopper has to mail a check or make a payment in person, he’s probably not going to do that. Online purchases are often made on impulse which rarely converts to a sale until an online payment system is made available.

A wiser idea would be for the merchant to give the potential customer a choice between paying online with a credit card or mailing a check.

Should the merchant accept personal check payments, a portion of his site’s policy section must indicate that the check will be held until it clears and that a fee, usually about $ 25.00, will be charged in case the customer’s checking account is insufficiently funded.

Merchants will also do well by taking their time before making any vital business decisions and under no circumstances must they feel rushed. For those who are still considering to accept credit cards, it is important that merchant banks’ or account providers’ company policies are understood very well before any contracts are signed. There are actually many choices out there and a businessman may simply need to research on the Internet on which bank or provider to go with.

In choosing a merchant bank or account provider, it is important to consider rates.

Another thing to look for is a feature that allows the merchant to send requests for money and invoices to clients. A merchant account that allows for a variety of ways for linking sites to payment gateways will also be a great plus, as well as one that offers shopping carts.

Assessing which bank or merchant account provider as well as which of the many payment gateways to go with, we can help.