How to find the perfect Online Credit Card Processing Service Provider for your business

How to find the perfect Online Credit Card Processing Service Provider for your business

In this fast moving world the e-commerce websites had gained more popularity over a decade but website owners are still facing some difficulties in getting merchant accounts approved from banks and financial institutions due to the risk of credit card fraud. Thanks for the modern technology as there are many internet merchant services that are willing to serve e-commerce businesses. Moreover these internet merchant service providers are aware of the difficulties involved in managing online business irrespective whether they are low or high risk, small scale or large ventures.

In the business market there are innumerable merchant account services out there to cater to a wide range of selection of businesses. First have a look about your credit history, before applying for a merchant account and if there is possibility of sprucing it up work on it.

You could have better rates if you have a good credit report. Credit Card processing Services also want to publish the following information on your website:
Policy explained in detail about returns and refunds
Terms of use statement
A privacy policy
Shipping policy with details of included costs.

Getting a merchant account will be the first step to process credit card transaction if you are running an online business which you can get in two different ways:
True merchant account:

When you apply for a merchant account with a bank or other financial organisation it is termed as true merchant account which is opened mostly by large, established businesses.

After getting your application, the bank will verify the credit history of the business or the proprietor and the type of the business that will be carried out over the website and based on all this information the bank approves or rejects the application. Moreover this e-commerce business must comply with all rule and regulation, laid out by the bank.

Third party processor account:

Such an account well suits the small business or start-up and high risk business that find very hard to get approval for their merchant account application. The e-commerce business applies to a third party processor that process all transaction in their website. The business is not subject to stringent level of checks like credit history etc and it need only complying with the regulation of the processor.

Secondly you have to select a shopping card for your website as you need a shopping card application which will integrate with your merchant account and payment gateway.

Lastly you have to compare the different service rates by requesting quotation from three or more providers and compare the credit card processing fees and features. Different services have different rates depending on the average sale per transaction and the number of transaction processed in a month. Whatever are the fees it should be fully disclosed in the contract before making any commitment.