Electronic Residency Checks

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Electronic residency checks are used in many cases today to help prove that a person lives where they say that they live. This involves searching public records to check residency status (looking for multiple records that prove residency in a specific location).  There are companies that exist just to perform these types of residency checks and they are very important to many companies and agencies.

It’s important to do a residency check when there is question about a person’s residency. There are different situations in which electronic residency checks will be done. One example is within schools and colleges. If your students are suffering due to budget cuts, residency checks could be helpful. Your tax dollars are paying for these schools and when non-resident students use false information, they are cheating these tax dollars.

Here are some other examples of when electronic residency checks can be used:

They can help to decrease insurance fraud. All policy holders pay for fraud such as faking your place of residence in order to get better rates or so that you are not found out of a false disability claim.

They help to keep children safe from sex offenders and other dangerous criminals. They will ensure that sex offenders and other dangerous criminals live where they say they live and that they do not violate terms of where they are allowed to live.

To help determine enrollment benefits and eligibility. In many areas, state and local government can offer benefits to citizens and you have to prove residency to be eligible for this.

To eliminate Section 8 housing fraud. This type of fraud not only defrauds the government but also hurts the taxpayers.

To help establish employment eligibility. This can help companies avoid hiring someone who is not legal to work in the country or in the area. You can avoid wasted recruiting expenses when you use residency checks.

Background checks- they can also be done as part of a background check such as a pre-marital background check to be sure the person you plan to marry is really who they say they are.

To avoid hiring people with hidden criminal backgrounds. Residency checks help to identify undocumented workers as well.

Residency checks are a very cost effective way of avoiding many of the problems mentioned above. Electronic residency checks are easier than they have ever been before and they are typically very fast so when you need your information in a hurry, this is the way to go. Qualified electronic residency checks can help you in a variety of ways as explained above.