eCommerce Payment Gateways Protect Secure Payment Processing

eCommerce Payment Gateways Protect Secure Payment Processing

Ecommerce payment gateways are quick, reliable, and secure electronic payment systems which connect ecommerce business websites to secure banking networks. Ecommerce processing gateways enable online merchants to accept payments through internet, phone, or POS from customers using credit cards, electronic checks and alternative payment options.

An ecommerce processing gateways can process payments for all the popular credit card companies. Credit cards payments are instantly authorized by the bank. Depending on the ecommerce payment gateways, there are several alternative payment options for the users. For example, it is common practice for ecommerce payment gateways to offer electronic checks as an additional payment option for buyers who want to pay by echecks.

Businesses that use ecommerce processing gateways can view, control and manage their processing accounts via a virtual terminal that can be accessed from any internet enabled computer. The business owner simply logs into ecommerce processing gateways’ secure site and gets access to a virtual terminal. The secure payment processing virtual terminal has a simple interface and it is also very easy to use. There are multiple levels of authentication required on ecommerce processing gateways to provide permission access control to the user. Merchants can decide which users can view the account and what information is provided to each of them.

Ecommerce processing gateways include detailed reporting of activities which enables merchants to manage and track all payment processing activities. Full audit trail of every transaction that flows through an ecommerce processing gateway ensures payment processing integrity.

Ecommerce payment gateways

Ecommerce payment gateways also include batch upload option to let businesses control and approve payment transactions manually before they are settled. It is a common practice for ecommerce processing gateways to integrate with Quickbooks, which makes merchant account reconciliation through the ecommerce processing gateways a very easy process.

Ecommerce processing gateways must comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) that are set as industry regulation by bank card companies. The standards require ecommerce processing gateways to conform to highly detailed security standards and follow strict rules for testing and reporting related to the processing activities. The Standard offers a focused method for safeguarding sensitive data for all card brands.

Each card brand provides a different name for PCI DSS. Names for PCI security standards include Site Data Protection (SDP); Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP); Discover Information Security and Compliance (DISC); and Data Security Requirements. With a PCI gateway, merchants can enjoy peace of mind as they know that their business and customers are protected from any fraud because of the strict security measures built in the payment getaways.

The degree of fraud detection present in ecommerce processing gateways depends on the vendor. High risk merchants must ensure that their ecommerce processing gateway is using superior fraud detection software.