Checks by Phone | Checks by Fax | Accept Checks Online

Checks by Phone: Take Checks by Phone: Checks by Fax or Checks Online With Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal

Checks by phone and checks by fax are two great ways to accept payment from customers, clients or collection accounts.  Using an API of Virtual Terminal or Payment Gateway is the best possible way accept checks by phone, checks by fax or checks online.


We accept the following merchant business types:


TMF merchants

Credit Repair

Loan Mods



Airline tickets


Call Centers


Full List:

Adult Gifts & Novelties
Adult Party Supply’s
Adult Costume Sales & Rental
Adult Bath & Body Oils
Lingerie Items
Adult home shopping clubs
Adult Accessories
Adult Gift Baskets
Adult General Merchandise – Non-Graphic Images
Home Companion Services
Travel Companion / Escort Services
Guardian Companion Services
Senior Companion Services
Assisted Living Companion Services
Medical Transport – Companion
Caregiver Companion Services
Talent Agents / Consulting
Modeling Agencies (non-adult)
Modeling / Photography / Print Media
Modeling Schools
Radio / Broadcasting Voice Talent
Acting / Modeling Training Services
Pseudo-pharmaceuticals / Diet Programs
Vitamins – Supplements
Sports Forecasting / Fortune Teller
Gambling Advice / Odds Making
MLM / B2C Sales / Buyers Club
Vitamin Sales
Dietary Supplements
Diet and Weight Loss Programs
Herbal Remedies – Mail Order / Telephone Order / Internet
Pseudo-pharmaceuticals Anti-Aging / Sex Nutrients / Hair re-growth / Skin Treatments
Natural / Homeopathic Supplements
Sports Forecasting Services
Sports Handicapping Services
Gambling Advice
Odds Making
Sports Statistics / Analyses
Fortune Teller / Brick & Mortar
Lottery Predictions
Psychic Readings / Horoscope / Astrology
Sports Statistics Data Services
MLM Sales Organizations
Home Delivered Product sales
Personal Care Products / mlm
Magazine Subscriptions
Buyers Clubs
MLM Distribution
Pyramid Sales
Motivational Programs
MLM Auto ship Products
Scheduled Product Fulfillme
Travel / Timeshare / Advertising
Ticket Brokers / Ticket Agents
Antiques / Collectibles / Coin Shops
Auction Houses / Flea Markets
Travel Agents
Travel Advertising
Time Share
Time Share Advertising
Vacation Rentals
Tour Operators / Travel Clubs / Guided Tours
Ticket Brokers / Sports
Ticket Brokers / Theater
Ticket Agents / Advance
Ticket Agents / Concerts
Stadium / Seasonal Sales / Reserved Seating
General / Seasonal
Tickets / Resellers
Antique Dealers
Auction Houses
Coin / Stamp / Collectable Dealers
Antique Malls / Consignment Centers
Flea Market Vendors / Indoor / Outdoor
Antique Refinishing / Repair
Antique / Collectable’s Appraisal Services
Bail Bonds / Pawn Brokers / Music Books / Sports Equipment
Import / Export
General Unclassified Business
Limosine Service / Taxi
Medical Transport / Shuttle Service
Bail Bondsmen
Pawn Brokers
Used Music CD’s / Records / Tapes
Used Books & Media
Recycled Sports Equipment Dealers
Guns / Firearms Dealers
Security Guard Service / Special Events Rental
Import / Internet / Brick & Mortar
Export / Internet / Brick & Mortar
US Based Manufacturers direct export services
Wholesale Import Business Services
Foods & Perishables
General Merchandise
Durable Goods
Raw Materials
Limosine Service
Taxi Operators
Medical Transport
Shuttle Services
Messenger Service
Bus / Charter
Valet Services / Special Event / Permit Parking – Storage
Transport Companies / Brokers Moving Companies / Shipping Freight Trucking
Financial Consulting / Scholarship Service
Student Loans / Aid Search
Insurance Agents / Real Estate Agents
General Agents & Brokers
General Freight Brokers
Motor Transport
Trucking / Freight
Auto Transport Service
Auto Transport / Brokers
Shipping Services
Moving / Household
Moving / Commercial
Moving & Storage
Financial Aid
Student Loan Services
Scholarship Search Services
Financial Consultants
Educational Benefit Pre-planning Services
Tuition Payments
Alternative Student Information
Student Credit Card Services
Insurance Agents / Brokers
Real Estate Agents / Brokers
Escrow Agents
General Agents / Brokers
Special Funds Accounts Insurance ( non co mingled funds )
Special Funds Account Real Estate ( non co mingled funds )
Property Management Agencies
Seminars / Real Estates