7 Nightmares of Accepting Credit Cards Through Unreliable Merchant Processor and How to Avoid Them

The choosing a reliable merchant account provider is very important for the business to accept credit card payments online. The possibilities in case of any wrong decision are devastating, the ‘nightmares’ for the retailers or the sellers are faced when they happen to select an unreliable credit card processor for processing their credit card payments. Accepting credit card payments online involves a lot of risk.

Some of the nightmares that the merchant could face when he selects an unreliable credit card processor are:

1. Unreliable credit card processor may easily froze your account and say that your funds ‘must wait a bit’ to be paid out. Such delays can take much longer than you would expect – sometimes even months.

2. The credit card processing companies do charge a certain stipulated fees and a miscellaneous fees, but an unreliable company would come up with some additional hidden fees. Make sure to always find out about the processing fees: flat rate fee + discount fee, refund and chargeback fees, fund transfer and declined order fees. Any excessive fines or penalties (for i.e. for excessive number of chargebacks) should be stated on the card processing agreement. So always make sure you get all the details about these fees before signing a contract. A realiable company will show you all the fees upfront.

3. The unreliable credit processing company may also defer the payment and makes the payment delayed in the process. This would definitely strike the efficiency of the business which is the worst nightmare for a business owner.

4. The unreliable credit card processing companies usually are ‘short-term projects’ that do not stay active for a few months – until caught and closed. Make sure you always search for an information about a certain company online before signing a contract with them.

5.  In case of any buyer filing a chargeback, due to fraudulent transactions, the seller is liable to pay back the amount of money claimed. Make sure there are no outrageous chargeback fees imposed by the processor – usually a normal chargeback fee is around 20-35 USD. While there are companies who charge more than 100 USD for a single chargeback. Stay away from such companies.

6. The alliance with unreliable credit card companies would not only affect the business but also harms the reputation of the business, and is reflected in the business reviews.

7. A startup venture may also end up with its operations, if they happen to choose an unreliable merchant processor in their maiden project.

Thus the above points reveal how a business can be affected or damage may be caused due to choosing of unreliable merchant processor there are many good and reputable credit card processors online. When you select a reliable credit card processing company to process your online payments you can be sure that you will always be paid on time, there will be no delays in paying out your funds, you will have company representatives working directly with you to set up card processing online on your website So when you choose a credit card processor – make sure you choose a good company.